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ALT02: Tomutonttu / Oneohtrix Point Never - Split 7"

by Oneohtrix Point Never and Tomutonttu

£5.00 / On Sale

To mark the occasion of their UK tour, Alter is proud to present this vinyl pairing of Finland's TOMUTONTTU (Kemialliset Ystavat's Jan Anderzen), and New York's ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER (Daniel Lopatin). Both artists contribute two new tracks that, whilst being sonically different from each another, create a unique synthesis formed from a DIY approach to electronic music, which makes this pairing both logical and inevitable. Tomutonttu's "Likaiset Pilvet" sees Anderzen diving deep into his archives, and re-emerging with something new after a heavy editing session. The track kicks off with some fragmented electronics, bringing to mind an image of a dozen Bernard Parmegiani records all melting in unison. The second half sees a shift in pace and a more playful atmosphere, introducing elements such as rhythmic loops and other scattered sounds that, as a whole, bear similarities to Eric Copeland's recent output. OPN's "Wayland Lincoln Border" is a continuation of Lopatin's synth work, which is already well recognized in his young career. Building deep layers of warm sound from trance-like synth melodies, Lopatin's music is evocative of motion as it never feels stuck - always evolving, constructing and deconstructing new worlds from sound, and here he provides the perfect counterpoint to Anderzen's chaos.

Released in an edition of 500 copies with cover art by Jan Anderzen.